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Promptly Journals x Goumi

We teamed up with Goumi Kids, a sustainable, mom-founded baby brand, and certified therapists to create a Postpartum Journal and baby essentials bundle to help moms thrive through the transition of adding a baby to her family.

These bundles are perfect for any mother who is pregnant or recently had a baby.

About Goumi: 

As a company founded and operated by moms, Goumi exists to help babies, toddlers, big kids, and mamas be at their best every day. With Goumi, babes can have the best essentials, and parents can feel good about the choices they’re making for both their kiddos and the planet. 

We call ourselves Goumi because like the berry, our mission is to positively impact the community we’re part of in a small but mighty way, every day.

Goumi helps create a world where mama and babe both get the care they need, from the coziest organic fabrics to thoughtfully designed features that help make motherhood a breeze.