• Your most important relationships

You use your texting app to look after your loved ones throughout the day.

With Promptly Texts, you can also use it to deepen your connection, especially when you can't be physically together.



  • Select the conversation type to activate and get started.

  • The Promptly bot will send you and your participant a text to start the private conversation. 🤖

  • Together with your conversation participant, respond to the first prompt, then two per week.


What others say

"I appreciate that Promptly Texts help me maintain a connection with my college-age son and also helps us learn more about each other."

Melissa T.

"I want to be intentional about the relationships in my life, but find it challenging to set aside enough time to build those connections in a meaningful way. Now, every week I am investing in those relationships."

Lisa A.

"Something about receiving a probing question by text inspires me to be more transparent and engaging with my people – to tell anecdotes that I've never shared before."

Jake L.

"I appreciate that this service reminds me to be present and prioritize the relationships in my life. It is a fun and engaging way to learn and develop a deeper connection with my loved ones."

Kim C.

Start a conversation

Your first 30 days are free. Cancel at any time.

Select the best time for you and your conversation participant:

Select the best time for you and your conversation participant:

Only available for U.S. and Canada phone numbers.


How often will I receive prompts? When will my prompts arrive?

Two times per week. The exact delivery time depends on the hour you select during sign up. The delivery day will depend on which conversation(s) you have activated, and are staggered throughout the week so that you can easily participate in multiple conversation types:

  • Couples - Tuesday & Friday
  • Parent-Child - Monday & Thursday
  • Friends - Wednesday & Saturday
  • Siblings - Thursday & Sunday
Does Promptly see or store our texts to each other?

Promptly Texts considers the texts sent between subscribers and participants to be private. We use encrypted data to analyze and optimize the performance of the service. You can review our full privacy policy here

How do I update my payment method?

Please contact us at texts@promptlyjournals.com to receive instructions and a link to update your information.

Can I pause my subscription and resume again later?

Not yet. We will offer this option with a future update.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In the text conversation, simply reply with the word “Cancel.” You will continue receiving prompts until your subscription period is completed, but you won’t be billed again. To stop receiving prompts altogether after canceling, reply again with “Stop.”

Is this service appropriate for a teen?

The Parent-Child and Sibling conversations are aimed at adult-aged participants, but they could be suitable for a mature teenager who is 16+ years. Please note that you must be over the age of 13 to sign up for or to participate in the Promptly Texts service.

Can I add more people to my Promptly Texts conversation?

Nope. Promptly Texts is designed to foster connection between two people. The way we share information and feelings with one person is very different from the way we share with a group of people. If you would like to have conversations with more of your loved ones, you can sign up for more than one conversation, or more than one conversation type.

How do I change my (or my participant’s) phone number?

Please reach out to texts@promptlyjournals.com and our team would be happy to help you update your account.

Can I sign up with a phone number from outside the U.S.?

Not yet. For now, the service only works with a phone number from the U.S. or Canada.

Does the service work with WhatsApp or other app-based messaging services?

No, Promptly Texts are delivered via your phone’s texting app. Messages are sent using MMS (the multiparty texting version of SMS).

Will standard text message rates apply?

If you have unlimited texts, you won’t pay anything extra! If not, we cover the cost of the prompt text delivered to you by the Promptly bot , and you are responsible for the texts you send back and forth according to the terms from your individual mobile carriers.

Have other questions?

Email the Promptly Texts team at texts@promptlyjournals.com and we will be happy to help!