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Connection Journals

Promptly Journals and Loom Journals are now one company! We combined forces to bring you the best keepsake and connection journals on the market. Now, we are your one-stop journal shop for your entire family.







In this digital age, now more than ever, we yearn for genuine CONNECTION, especially with our kids and spouses. Loom Journals are full of thoughtful, fun, engaging prompts that two people fill out together to build a better relationship.


FAQs about our merge:

Will you have a new name as a merged company?No, Loom Journals will live on as a sub-brand under Promptly Journals.

Will the Loom Journals designs change?
Yes! The content you love will stay the same, but there will be a fresh cover design and Promptly’s clean, simple aesthetic on the inside.

What roles will Jayne and Kimberly fill moving forward?
Jayne will remain CEO, and Kimberly will be the CPO (Chief Product Officer) of Promptly Journals.

Will any of the Promptly Journals change or be discontinued?
No! We will continue to offer all of the products you love, we’re just adding Loom’s Connection Journals to our lineup.