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We believe in the power of journaling to improve your mental health and well-being. Our prompted journals help you capture what matters most, whether that's the precious memories of childhood or the emotional growth that comes from self-care.

In the good times and the hard times, we're here for you.

Write to remember. Write to heal. Write your own story. 

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We have a journal for everyone



  • KIDS


No matter how long you've been together, our Couples Connection Journal will open up conversations that will strengthen, heal, and enliven your relationship.


Our Complete Childhood History Journal covers pregnancy through 18 years old. It makes a great gift on its own or paired with the Postpartum Journal to help navigate the transition of adding a new baby.


Starting the practice of journaling at a young age has so many mental health benefits. Our emotions journal teaches them emotional intelligence in super fun activities.


Whether you're writing for yourself or for a loved one, our Autobiography Journal will help you record the story you don't want to forget.


We have the most perfect


Our Love Story Journal is a timeless and meaningful gift. It will be the highlight of the wedding shower.



"I’ve kept track of our two older children’s through a printed photo album and journals, but it never felt like a cohesive system. We are expecting our third in just a few weeks, so I bought a Childhood History for all of our children. I’m SO glad I did! I’ve already started transferring the information from old baby books and apps where I had notes and couldn’t be happier with the end product. The prompts are excellent, especially when you’re trying to backfill 3-4 years of information. I’m so glad each of our children will have this book when they turn 18 to look back on and see a condensed version of their childhood written out thoughtfully with places for our favorite pictures."

Elizabeth B.

"I ordered a Love Story Journal as a one year wedding anniversary gift and I'm so glad I did! Not only is the quality amazing, the prompts are very thought provoking (and there is plenty of room to answer them). We've really enjoyed walking down memory lane as we fill it in!"


"THANK YOU! This is genius on your part. I wish I had your Infertility Journal 3 years ago when my husband and I started our infertility journey. Years later, I still have reproductive trauma and fight those demons on a daily basis. I look forward to writing out my story to find healing."

Amanda S.