I'm Jayne, founder of Promptly Journals. Ironic as it is, I hate writing. But, when I became a mom, I wanted a way to document my children's lives. So, I created a prompted journal to quickly and easily record the most meaningful moments of their fleeting childhoods.

In the process, I accidentally became an avid journaler, and the power of journaling has brought me out of some really low places and helped me live a fuller, more present life.

Now, Promptly has over twelve types of journals and an app. We're committed to bringing you products that help you live your best life and record your story along the way.


Write Your Own Story

We believe in the power of writing to bring healing, peace, clarity, and connection to our lives. At Promptly, we create journals to help you record the memories that make you who you are, and two-person journals so you can better connect with the ones you love most. The best way to honor your unique stories and relationships is to record them. We're here to help.


Promptly merged with Loom Journals to bring you their revolutionary method of connection journaling. Loom's co-founder, Kimberly Christenson, is now our Chief Product Officer and writer. This merge will bring you better journaling education and even more powerful products to help you write your story and connect with the ones you love.

Stay Connected

We're not just another Instagram account—we're a community. We put a lot of time and effort into providing content that will enhance your life, improve your relationships, make journaling a cinch, and help you feel less alone as you navigate motherhood. Join us!

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