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Adoption Childhood History Journal

No overwhelming blank pages here. Our journals feature custom-tailored prompts for every phase and year of your adopted child’s life, from the adop on process un l they are 18 years old.

Who Writes in it?

Parents fill out this journal for their child.

Prompts you'll find in this Journal

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Angels that led you to our family:
How long have you been trying to adopt your child?
Where were you and how did you find out you were receiving your child?
How did you feel when you first saw your child?
Why you belong to us:
Conversations about being adopted:

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Adoption History Colors

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I gave one of the Adoption journals to my sister who just adopted and she cried when got it. She said there is no products out there like this. So glad they include adoption journals!
I absolutely adore these journals. They are beautiful, unique and priceless!
Such an amazing journal to have for my kiddos. I am very thankful for these. I am terrible at journaling, but this makes it so easy and creative. My favorite, “what does your child obsess over?” Also, this makes the BEST baby shower/ bringing home baby gift!

Journal Features

Adoption Sections

We had adoptive moms help us create the adoption sections such as the adoption process, the day you met, and special prompts like, “Angels that led you to our family”.

Photo Spots

There are spots in each sec- tion of the journal to paste in your favorite photos. See at a glance how your child changes in 18 years.

Placement to Graduation

Starting from the first moment you knew you were adopting until the day your child moves out of the house. Keep all your thoughts and experiences in one journal.

Dr. Visit Statistics

Easily keep track of things like height, weight, and other stats that are the hardest details to remember.

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Helpful FAQs

If my child is past the baby stage, is it too late to begin this journal?

Absolutely not! In fact, many of our customers have started when their child is four, five, six and beyond. We recommend starting the journal at the stage your child is currently, and working backwards if it’s appropriate to your situation.

What if I don’t have many details of my child’s early life; is this journal still appropriate?

We carefully designed our Adoption History Journal with adoptive families of all kinds in mind. We encourage parents to fill in the sections that they can, and skip over any sections that don’t fit their family. The ‘Adoption Process’ section of the journal was carefully written to be as inclusive as possible, and is appropriate for all kinds of adoptions.

What’s the main difference between the Childhood History Journal and the Adoption History Journal?

The primary difference between this journal and the Childhood History Journal is in the first sections of the book: this journal focuses on the adoption process instead of pregnancy. The sections for each stage of the child’s life are nearly the same as in the Childhood History Journal, with some prompts changed to be sensitive to the needs of adoptive families.

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