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Childhood History Journal

No overwhelming blank pages here. Our journals feature custom-tailored prompts for every phase and year of your child’s life, from the me when they are in the womb until they are 18 years old.

Who Writes in it?

Parents fill out this journal for their child.

Prompts you'll find in This Journal

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How did you announce your pregnancy to your family and friends?
How did you feel when you first saw your baby?
How did you come up with your baby's name? Does the name have any special meaning?
Funny things your toddler does or says:
Your child's strengths:
What are your teen's dreams for the future?

Top 3 Reasons Why you need this Journal



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I’m so excited to use these journals. They are a simple and not intimidating way to keep track of crucial memories. Instead of having tons of daunting pages where I’d likely miss out and leave some empty, these feel genuinely fun and easy to record memories of each stage. Thanks for making this part of our complicated lives simpler!
Love this journal! I love how it goes through 18 years of age. Each age hits all of the important things so you can remember all the details! I'll be buying these as baby shower gifts for friends and family too! :)
I have the childhood history journal and am obsessed with it! The prompts are perfect and simple for capturing my thoughts about my sweet little angels. And not to mention it’s beautiful!
I love everything about the promptly journals!! They really have all the important details that you want to remember!

Journal Features

Pregnancy to Graduation

Starting from the first moment you knew you were pregnant until the day your child move out of the house. Keep all your thoughts and experiences in one journal.

Dr. Visit Statistics

Easily keep track of things like height, weight, and other stats that are the hardest details to remember.

Yearly Favorites

Keep your memories safe and capture the culture of your child’s generation by record- ing small, ever-changing details like your child’s favor- ite TV show or their favorite song.

Photo Spots

There are spots in each sec- tion of the journal to paste in your favorite photos. See at a glance how your child changes in 18 years.

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Helpful FAQs

How much time does it take to fill out each section of the journal?

We’ve designed our Childhood History Journal to document the most precious moments in your child’s life, both beautifully and efficiently. Each section (about ten pages for each year of the child’s life, after the first year) is intended to be easy to complete in one sitting, once per year. Or you can journal one prompt at a time, whenever it suits you.

Can I still start the journal if my child is past the newborn stage?

Absolutely! In fact, many of our customers have started when their child is four, five, six and beyond. We recommend starting the journal at the stage your child is currently, and working backwards at your own pace. You might find it’s easier than you think to remember back to the different stages in your child’s life, and writing them down ensures you’ll remember them for years to come.

How is this different from a baby book?

The Childhood History Journal was designed to document the memories in your child’s life you never want to forget- and not just from the time they were a baby. We designed this journal to cover your pregnancy through the child’s eighteenth birthday, and includes prompts appropriate for each stage of their childhood.

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