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Love Story Journal

No overwhelming blank pages here. Our journals contain custom tailored prompts for every phase and year of your marriage, from your first kiss to your last kiss.

Who Writes in it?

Spouses fill in this journal together to document their love story.

Prompts you'll find in this Journal

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What was your first impression of each other? (Your Response:) (Spouse's Response:)
What song(s) reminds you of your dating life? (Your Response:) (Spouse's Response:)
What is the significance of your rings?
What was the best advice you received?
Most embarrassing or funniest moment:
What was one of your happiest moments together this year?

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These are more than I even imagined! The Love Story editions are HUGE and the Childhood Stories are beautiful. Can't wait to fill in the easy prompts as I marry this year. I am also a wedding photographer myself and can't wait to share these keepsakes with my clients!!
I was so thrilled to discover promptly journals but was even more blown away by their prompt and kind service. The quality of the product is top notch and the woman I bought the journal for is over the moon! Thank you Promptly for the quality product, the amazing service and the timely deliver. You guys are amazing!

Journal Features

First Kiss to Last Kiss

This journal starts from the first moment you laid eyes on eachother, to your last day together. Keep all your thoughts, feelings for eacho- ther and experiences in one beautiful place.

Anniversary Notes

One of my favorite mementos from my spouse is written cards. But how hard is it to keep those in a safe place? Worry no more. Our Love Story Journal has a space each year to write an anniver- sary note to eachother.

Yearly Favorites

Keep safe the memories, and capture the current culture, by recording the small ever-changing details like: you and your spouse’s favor- ite TV show, restaurant or topic of conversation.

Photo Spots

Show your kids how young you once were. There are photo spots throughout the sections so you can paste in a picture to capture you and your spouse throughout the years.

As Seen In

Helpful FAQs

Can I begin this journal if I’m not a newlywed?

Definitely! This journal was designed this journal to cover your courtship through your 70th anniversary, and we believe it’s never too late to start documenting the special moments of our relationship. We recommend starting the journal at the stage/anniversary you’re at currently, and work backwards at your own pace.

Do I complete the prompts alone, or do my spouse and I fill them in together?

We designed the journal to be easy to complete, whether writing alone or with our spouse. There are a few questions in each section that ask for both spouse’s answers. While one person can certainly complete the prompts on their own, we’ve found that filling them in together can be a beautiful and connecting experience.

Does it take a lot of time to use this journal?

Each section of the journal was designed to fit into your busy schedule, and we’ve found it often only takes less than a minute to complete a single prompt. We recommend setting aside an hour or so with your spouse around each anniversary, using the time to complete the prompts together.

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