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Traveling is good for the soul. It brings one perspective, a break from the everyday, connection with those you travel with, and vivid experiences that become a part of you. We have created a prompted journal to capture all of that and more. Let us help you preserve your adventures.

Who Writes in it?

The traveler fills it in about a single trip traveled.

Prompts you'll find in This Journal

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What inspired the trip and the destination?
Favorite sights:
Most inspiring moment OR Most memorable moment:
Favorite eats:
Favorite shops you discovered:

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These journals are awesome for your next family vacation. Hope you love them as much as I do!
I love the overall concept of these - that you can fill out a trip per journal, put them on a shelf, and have a collection of destinations and memories for years to come.
I love the take away section in the Travel Journal. I always learn so much and am so influenced by the trips I go on. I love that I can come back to my journal and relive it and remember how it made me feel.
I love the FOOD SECTION in the Travel Journal! I love that you can personally rate your favorite meals with the star rating.
I always forget the hotels I stay at on trips and that's one of my favorite parts of traveling. I love that there is an "Accommodation Section" in the journal so you can write all those details down that you always forget.
Y'all did an incredible job with these!

Journal Features

Highlights Section

"The most breathtaking view" and "Memorable people you met along the way" are a few prompts included in this section. We prompt you to write down the essential moments that stood out from your trip. This saves you time and preserves the memories that matter.

Food Section

It's not a secret... we all know 90% of the reason one travels is for the food. It's the best part. Don't forget the names of dishes, names of restaurants, and give each food experience a personal star rating.

Accomodation Section

A hotel can make or break your trip. Were you amazed by the interior design of your airbnb? Or did you find cock roaches in your tub? We've got a section full of prompts for all your hotel experiences.

Photo Spots

It wouldn't be a travel journal without photos! We've included photos spots in each section along with a whole section just dedicated to photos. Print and paste in your favorites to finalize your journal.

Helpful FAQs

How many trips does this journal cover?

This journal is intended to cover a single travel experience, whether it be a weekend trip to Jackson Hole or a month-long excursion across Europe.

How long or short of a trip will this journal cover?

We designed this journal to cover trips of all lengths, and includes a brief ‘Itinerary’ section for Day 1 through 31 of your trip.

I’m traveling alone/with my family/with a group; will this journal work for my trip?

Yes! This travel journal works for all kinds of journeys, whether travelling alone or with your whole tribe. While some sections may not apply to your particular trip, we carefully crafted each prompt to include as many travel situations as possible.

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