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My Travel Journal (4 Pack) - Manhattan

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    Color — Manhattan
    My Travel Journal from Promptly Journals provides you with a structured way to document your travels, from the planning stages to the day-to-day experiences. With 44 pages of guided prompts in each journal, this four-pack was designed with travel in mind. Each lightweight, saddle-stitched journal fits perfectly in any bag and the premium quality ensures it will stand up to life on the road and look beautiful on your shelf long afterward.

    Easy to complete, the prompts in this journal help you capture the travel memories that matter most. The four journals in every pack can be used for multiple vacations or divided among a group to capture memories of a single trip. It’s the perfect way to preserve your travel memories for years to come.

    The perfect gift for friends and family who love to travel, this high-quality journal can withstand life on the road and look beautiful on shelves for a lifetime.
    •  4 Journals In Every Pack: These travel journals come in 4-packs of stylish colors. Perfect for separate vacations or multiple adults on one vacation.
    •  All Your Travel Memories In One Place: This guided travel journal makes it easy to capture the most important memories of your trip in a structured way.
    •  Designed With Travel In Mind: These lightweight, saddle-stitched journals fit perfectly in any bag so they’re easy to take on the go.
    •  Tailored Prompts for Easy Writing: 44 pages of guided prompts provide a simple and accessible tool for recording the important moments of your trip.
    •  The Perfect Gift for Anyone Who Loves to Travel: This guided memory book is the perfect heartfelt gift for the jet setter in your life.

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    Only takes a few hours to complete. You don't have to fill out all in one sitting.


    From planning–returning home, all your travel memories in one beautiful book.


    To help you remember and record the highlights from your trip.


    The practice of journaling lowers your heart rate and boosts your mood.


    What did you love about the local culture?

    Takeaways Section

    What was the thing you were looking forward to the most?

    Planning Section

    Favorite local foods or flavors:

    Experiences Section