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Our Connection Journal: An Exploration for Two Siblings (Banana)

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    Color — Banana

    A Siblings Connection Journal is the perfect way for siblings to have fun, build friendships, and resolve conflicts together. Designed for kids ages 7 and up, this journal is packed with guided prompts, games, and activities that will help siblings get to know each other better, reminisce about shared memories, and celebrate their individuality.

    Build a stronger sibling bond by learning to communicate better, understand each other, and resolve conflict in a healthy way. Each spread contains two pages of identical questions or activities. Siblings can write in the journal together or pass it back and forth.

    The perfect gift for any family that wants to help navigate sibling rivalry and begin to improve relationships, this premium journal is fun and useful.


    Cover Material: Leatherette & Linen
    Page Count: 199
    Size: 7"x10.25"x.75”
    Paper Weight: 100gsm


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    The most effective ways to resolve sibling rivalry is to create a cooperative environment and celebrate individuality. That’s what the Loom Siblings Journal does.


    Forges a stronger bond between siblings that will last forever.


    Packed with journaling prompts and games for hours of screen-free fun.


    The practice of journaling lowers your heart rate and boosts your mood.


    List some ways you and your sibling are alike.

    What are some of your differences?

    Draw some things you would buy for yourself if you had a million dollars.

    What is your favorite place in your home and why do you love it?

    What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?