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Weathering My Emotions Gift Set -Ocean

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    Color — Sorbet

    Our Weathering My Emotions Gift Set is the perfect gift for any child 5 years old and up.

     The Gift Set includes:

    •Our Weathering My Emotions Journal to teach your child how to process emotion in a healthy way.

    •Two-tone, neutral canvas carrying case with loop handle

    •Fun six-color shuttle pen

    •Full-color stickers

    •Colored pencils

    Cover: Linen/Leatherette 

    Weathering My Emotions is a prompted, beautifully illustrated journal that helps kids 5-18 navigate their emotions. We worked with positive parenting educator Ralphie Jacobs, therapists, life coaches, and mindfulness experts to create this tool to teach kids powerful tools for understanding and processing emotion. 

    What's inside: 

    -Engaging activities, journaling prompts, drawing prompts, quotes, affirmations, and illustrations to teach your child how to make the best of his or her emotions. 

    -Includes sections that explore Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Anxiety, Love, Shame, Anxiety, and Peace, to help your child learn how to process each emotion in a healthy way. 

    -Research-backed, FUN activities that will give your child lifelong tools for emotional intelligence. 

    Prompt examples: 

    -When is the last time you felt really happy? Describe it in detail. 

    -Do you think it's good to feel sad sometimes? Why or why not?

    -When you feel angry, what do you think your body and mind might be trying to tell you?

    -Write five things you want to remember next time you feel bad about yourself. 

    -What do you love about your body?


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    Teach your kids from a young age how to process their emotions.


    Expressive writing guards against anxiety, depression, ADD, and acting out.


    Illustrations and prompts for writing and drawing provide engaging, productive quiet time for your kids.


    The practice of journaling lowers your heart rate and boosts your mood.


    What can you do to make someone laugh today?


    When you notice someone you love is feeling sad, what do you do?


    Can anger ever be a good thing? How?


    Write about a time you made a mistake and learned from it.