If the launch of our Travel Journal was any indication, we're big fans of hopping on a plane and heading out into the world to explore new cities and cultures. We've got a serious case of wanderlust, but let's be honest: traveling with kids can be challenging. So we were thrilled when we found out about Kid & Coe. Think of Kid & Coe as the Airbnb of family travel: the website curates private family homes, vacation rentals, and even hotels across the globe that are "kid-tested, parent-approved." Properties are safe and suitable for children, and feature amenities like books, toys, and more. 

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Below, we chat with Zoie Kingsbery Coe, mother and founder of Kid & Coe, to get the scoop on her company, family travel hot spots, helpful tips for a memorable trip with your little ones, and more! 

Zoie Kingsberry Coe - Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

What inspired you to launch Kid & Coe?

ZOIE: There were a number of factors—one was that I had just had my second child, a girl, and I remember thinking to myself when she was about 6 months that I had always wanted to have my own company, and how was I going to teach my daughter that she could do anything she wanted to do if I hadn’t tried myself? I would say the other factor is that I really value travel in my own life and how it shaped me, and I wanted to pass those same experiences on to my own kids. After many years touring the globe with my musician husband, and then with him and our first child, I felt first hand that there was a gap in the market for a family-friendly accommodation option that suited our needs.

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

What are the most important features to look for in a family rental property/hotel?

What you need when you’re traveling with a baby or toddler is very different from what you need with teenagers, so give that some thought before you even start your search. And when you’re traveling with a toddler and a preteen, as I am, it gets even more complex! Space, safety, and a great location really helps. We detail all the listings on Kid & Coe so it’s easy to see how the space will work for your kids—because every family is different. It’s great to arrive to a house that has a high chair, crib, and toys already there—it saves in excess baggage and makes travel with kids so much easier.

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

What's the most popular family destination right now?

Our top five most visited destinations on Kid & Coe are Amsterdam, the Hudson Valley, California, Los Angeles, and Paris.

What are your tips for keeping kids entertained in the car or on an airplane? 

Go with the flow! Audio books, coloring, stickers, anything goes...

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

What's one thing you never forget to pack for the kids?

An iPad and headphones, I’m not going to lie...also I’m not particularly artsy, but I do often pack a watercolor palette, as wherever you go in the world, you can find something to paint on. Pebbles on a beach are good fun.

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

What are your favorite travel snacks for kids?

Raisins and Goldfish!

What are ways to get your kids excited about your destination?

We do a little planning before a trip, looking on the internet at what it’s going to look like and seeing what’s on and what they might like to see. It’s really easy to do this with just about all ages, even if you’re just searching a location on Instagram and getting a feel for what it might be like there.

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

What are your favorite activities to do with kids in a new destination?

I recommend checking out family programming at museums; these days there is so much available. It’s worth looking at these in advance to plan free days and to make sure you don’t miss the weekly creative session.

What should you invest your time doing with kids on a trip to make the best memories?

Trying something new is always a good idea—whether that’s food, a new form of public transport, or getting up before the dawn breaks to see the sunrise. Travel is all about breaking out of the normal routine to do something different.

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

How do you manage your time so that you and your kids aren't exhausted on a trip?

Don’t overplan: build in a few afternoons to go with the flow, where you can eat ice cream and watch TV and feel under no pressure to see or do anything else. Kids often need a little time to adjust. I can also recommend that you tidy your house up and make fresh beds before you leave for vacation. When you come home, you’re in a place to relax.

Kid & Coe - Family Travel - Promptly Journals

Photos: Kid & Coe 

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