To bring the pages of our Love Story Journal to life, we've asked some of our favorite couples to answer prompts from the journal and share the details of their real-life love stories in a blog series. 
We absolutely love the couple we get to share with you this Valentine's Day. Amanda Jane Jones and her husband Cree Jones have a kindness for each other and their children that is unmatched. Amanda, is a graphic designer, blogger, and mother to two. Read below to hear more about their Love Story. 

Describe your first date: 

I was interning in New York City and Cree was doing teach for America in Philly. He took the train up for our first date. We met at the train station and I took him to the original Shake Shake in Madison Square Park. It was a Saturday and I hadn't thought about the line being a block long and suggested we go somewhere else, but he was really sweet and said, "no way! this gives us more time to talk." (swoon!) After lunch, we took the train to an art exhibit on the pier by the Statue of Liberty. We listened to Ella Fitzgerald on my iPod and people watched. It was the best first date ever and I knew right away I really, really, really liked him. He then met up with some friends for a baseball game while I went to a concert and the next morning we met up again for church and he took me to breakfast before he headed back to Philly.

What were your first impressions of your spouse? 

Just that he was really, really kind. I thought he was so cute, smelled good and I loved it that he wanted to join me for church. I thought that was a really good sign. 

What were your families first impressions of your spouse? 

As my mom puts it, my past boyfriends really prepped her for Cree. Once Cree came along, he could do no wrong in their eyes. My mom even kissed him on the cheek the first time she met him and said, "I really like you." They loved him. Cree's parents weren't quite as excited - I think they were hoping for a born and bred idahoan—Oh well! They're stuck with me now! 

What has been your most embarrassing moment with your spouse? 

Nothing embarrasses me in front of Cree! He is the master at making me feel completely comfortable being myself. Things that maybe I should feel more embarrassed about, don't bother him or I at all. 

Who said "I love you" first? 

Me! (which is completely out of character or me) I knew he was the one, and he had an old flame visiting that weekend and I wanted to make sure he knew how I felt. It was so terrifying! 

Traditions you performed for your wedding: 

We kept our wedding incredibly simple and low key. Our wedding ceremony was first thing in the morning, then we had a light brunch lunch at a local restaurant for our families and friends and a jazz band and then we went off on our honeymoon! It was perfect! 

Where did you go on your honeymoon?/Why? 

Cree planned the whole thing - which means, he didn't plan hardly anything! He wanted to travel like Kerouac up highway one in California and stop only when we felt like it. We stayed in really amazing places and some of the grossest hotels I've ever seen. It was really funny and fun...most of the time. My favorite stops were Monterey, Big Sur, and San Francisco. 

Embarrassing/funny moments from your honeymoon: 

We found a beautiful cabin to rent in big sur by pure luck - it had a wood stove and was out in the middle of nowhere. In the middle of the night, Cree had a nightmare and jumped off the bed and dove straight into the wall. He cut his head open and everything. I couldn't stop laughing for hours. 

What was one of your happiest moments together this year? 

It's been quite a year - lots of really high highs and some of our deepest lows. But Cree has been my rock through it all. Just being with him and my kids has been the happiest. Regular life - cuddling in bed, bike rides along the beach, meeting daddy for lunch on campus - those little things are the things that make me most happy.

Favorite TV show or movie you watch together: 

We just rewatched the office and now we're starting parks and rec again! 

What have you learned together this last year? 

With God, nothing is impossible. 

Thank you, Amanda and Cree, for sharing your love story with us! 

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