To celebrate the launch of our Love Story Journals, we asked some of our favorite couples to answer prompts from the journal and share the details of their real life love story in a new monthly blog series.

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We're kicking things off with the wife and husband duo behind one of our favorite baby brands, Elle and Jared Rowley of Solly Baby. These two are serious #couplegoals. Below, they answer prompts from our Love Story Journal and share the scoop on their first date, their mishap of a first proposal, then their real proposal and more! 

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Describe Your First Date:

ELLE: I don’t know what I would consider our first date. We spent a month pretending we didn’t like each other, but hanging out incessantly. The first time we really spent time together was on a philanthropic trip to Mexico where we camped on the beach and painted an orphanage in a local town. We had so much fun playing with the kids together and just laughing the whole trip. I was drawn to him like a magnet.

How Did You Know This Relationship Was The One?

ELLE: My parents are divorced so I always thought I was going to have a lot of fears about marriage, but I always say that Jared was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. I knew that he was a good man to his core. There was nothing duplicitous about him and that just made it easy to commit to sharing my life with him. More than a decade of marriage has proved this to be even more true than I knew it then.

Describe Your Proposal:

ELLE: Jared took me to a fancy restaurant where he used to work. The waiter, his friend, proceeded to totally spoil the proposal by talking to us about a guy who had called in earlier to make reservations to propose that evening. Obviously that “guy” was Jared and the waiter realized it as he was telling the story and things got real funny and awkward for a minute. Then Jared decided not to propose that night (I could tell!) and I was SO BUMMED. We went for a drive up the canyon and I remember the moon being so full. We went to a familiar spot to look through his telescope to look for stars using his constellation map. Over our favorite star on the map, “Vega,” he had taped the ring. I squealed, he proposed, we kissed, and we cried. It was a great night.

What Have You Learned Together This Last Year?

ELLE: We had our fourth child a little while ago and so we’ve had to up our parenting-game/life-game/sleep-survival-game/marital-game to a whole new level. I think we’ve both learned that when we focus on taking care of each other rather than ourselves, our needs are better met.

What Do You Find Most Attractive About Your Spouse?

ELLE: How genuinely interested he is in everyone he meets and how little fear he has. And, I don’t care what anybody says, I find it incredibly attractive when he takes out the trash.

JARED: I love how she is willing to step into the dark and try new things and grow while still being anchored by her desire to be a good person.

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