Our favorite part of the holiday season is showering those we love with gifts and quality time filled with memory making, laughter, and celebration. So when it comes to holiday shopping we want to make sure we’re gifting the best products and not spending too much time on finding them (you know, so there’s more time for the laughter and celebration.)

So we decided to put together a “You and Yours” Gift Guide featuring amazing brands and products all in one place, so you can click on what you’d love to give others (and maybe save some for yourself) and get your gift list checked off. That hot chocolate and cuddle time on the couch by the tree is calling your name!

Maybe best of all, these products are all available to order online. If that isn’t nailing it for the holidays, we don’t know what is.

(top to bottom; left to right)  

  1. Arvo | Kid’s Beanie, Women’s/Mens Watch //
  2. Promptly Journals | Childhood History Journal, Love Story Journal //
  3. Mako | Beacon Tee //
  4. Made by Mary | Poppy Choker Necklace, Bar Necklace, Bar Bracelet //
  5. Fawn Design | Original bag in Brown //
  6. Little Sapling Toys | Toddler Bowling Toy //
  7. Loom Goods | Navy Terry Stripe Bath Towel, L:A Bruket Hand Soap, Round Cutting Board //
  8. Little Cottonwood | Forest Animal Romper //
  9. Gathre | Tannin Micro, Dot Maxi Square

Happy Holidays!


Promptly Journals

p.s. We know a great journal to save all those holiday memories you’re making... (hint, hint)

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