Journaling for Anxiety

Journaling for Anxiety

We’re so excited to bring you our Journaling Mini Classes by Promptly. These 5-minute videos will give you tools to deal with something you're facing. 


First up: Journaling for Anxiety. Journaling, even for just a few minutes, lowers your heart rate and regulates your breathing. Getting feelings and thoughts of anxiety down on paper makes them less intense and easier to manage. 

Grab a pen and paper or journal, and join us for a few minutes! If you know someone who could use some relief from anxiety, send this their way.  





The Think Journal

Sometimes you just need to offload your mind on blank lined pages. 



The Gratitude Journal

Grounding in gratitude has been shown to decrease anxiety. 



The Self-Love Journal

Prompts to help you practice self-care and gain perspective.