Mother's Day gifting is in full swing and if you're looking for something unique, meaningful, and timeless - you're in the RIGHT place! Our Promptly Journal is the perfect gift for someone you love (or yourself). See what a few of our favorite mom's are saying about the journals! 



"Losing my mom to soon reminds me of how powerful writing down memories are. There are so many stories and memories that I will never know about myself growing up. I'm changing that for my son. Following the prompts I'm able to track down his progress and some of my favorite memories about him each month. "



"I envisioned myself having a journal to document the boys' lives outside of just a baby book. Promptly allows you to document pregnancy to 18 years old! I have a little catching up to do since my boys are a year and a half, but I've loved going through all the questions this journal asks you from that time frame. I get emotional as I'm recapping the last 2 years (pregnancy included). So much has changed in just a few short months that I can't imagine writing an entry when they're 16 years old! I'll be so thankful I took the time to write down these ever so fleeting, precious memories down on paper."



"I’ve always had good intentions to be the mom that took monthly photos of Wilder the first year. The mom that journaled for him every night. The mom that created a beautiful baby book with my favorite milestones and memories, and all of the other Pinterest inspired things you do for your baby. The truth is though, my job demands so much of my creative energy, that by the time I get around to my family and my home I am usually done with Pinterest. Heck, I am a photographer and we didn’t even have a Christmas card this year! That’s why I was so excited to find Promptly. It’s a beautiful, modern baby book with prompts for different stages of your child’s life from birth-18 years. It makes journaling for your child achievable."




"I made it to my third trimester!! I can hardly believe I'm pregnant, let alone in the home stretch! I'm loving this beautiful journal by Promptly to document my baby's life... starting in pregnancy and all the way through his 18th year."



"I could recognize my moms handwriting anywhere. Could even forge a mean "Jill" signature back in the day. She has spiral notebooks filled with her thoughts and memories that I can't wait to read someday! These Promptly Journals will be my spiral notebooks for my kids. They are the place I write down funny things they say, paste in Polaroids and doctors stats sheets ( this guy is in the 10th weight percentile) and the pages give me ideas of things to write. I can't wait to give them these treasures someday!!"

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Happy Gifting! Keep these order dates in mind to get your journals in time for Mother's Day.

May 1: Last Day to select Media Mail Shipping

May 8: Last Day to select Priority Shipping 

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